5 Most Common Tech Issues Your Dell Printer Can Encounter

Printers! These are the peripheral devices that have become an important part of our official lives. Being used at almost all the schools, colleges, banks, government organizations, and more, they seem to gain a great popularity which will keep on increasing in the future. Presently, there are a variety of printers that are capable of providing not only black & white but color printouts as well. Undoubtedly, the printing machines offer noticeable user experience but sometimes even the branded ones like Dell printers can come across tech issues.

Need not to worry here as every problem has a solution. Here, our Dell Printer Tech Support experts will make you familiar with some common problems that your printing machine can face. Rest assured, as the issues will be accompanied by their solutions.      

Dell Printer Support

⇒ Printer Is Too Slow: Sometimes, your printer starts printing too slowly. In order to boost up the speed in that case, you should avoid duplex printing unless you want a high-quality printout. If you could select the printer drivers, prefer a PCL or host-based one.          

⇒ Unable to Print Through Mobile Device: The liberty to print from a tablet or phone exists even if you have a non-Wi-Fi or old printer. What you need is? A Network including a wireless access point. You can get this by having a utility program on your networked computer. For example – Presto requires a Windows or Mac machine while Pintopia asks for a Mac.     

⇒ Wi-Fi Printing Takes Longer Time: Well! We can feel the pain you have to bear when your boss asks for a document on an urgent basis & the printer is behaving sluggishly. The recommendations our Dell Printer Technical Support professionals provide in such circumstances are:

→ Place the printer close to your router. This will increase the throughput along with reducing the printing time.

→ Ensure that the router you are using is adequate i.e. it is up-to-date and support 802.11n.

→ If needed, add a wireless repeater or extender that will improve the performance.

⇒ Frequent Paper Jams: Unfortunately, tech issue like paper jam in printers have been a big concern from past many years. The common reason behind these issues is the misalignment of papers. Hence, before inserting the papers into the tray, ensure to check out the stack of sheets. Moreover, evade over-filling of the tray. If the issue still exists, go through the user manual you must have got with your printer. The troubleshooting guidelines provided there will help you in resolving the issue.  

⇒ All-in-One Printer Stopped Scanning: This issue may occur if the scanner software of your device gets corrupted. In that case, you should try to reinstall the software package of your printer. Nonetheless, if that practice fails and unable to provide you with the proper working machine, check out the user manual or the manufacturer’s help page. Sometimes the fixation of the scanner-related issues in all-in-one printers may demand replacement of the whole unit.            

Conclusion: Hope, the most common issues and their solutions that are included in this blog will aid you in getting rid of the tech errors in the printing machine on your own. But if the glitch doesn’t get removed even after trying the solution for one or two times, be careful. Instead of going for more attempts that can turn the problem worse, let the certified Dell Printer Support professionals resolve the same.        

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