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Acer is an international brand that uses advanced technologies to manufacturer electronic machines like computers, printers, etc. Acer’s products are affordable, stylish and they are known for their sturdy features, quality and durability. Today Acer a name of a multinational brand in the field PC manufacturing. Acer devices are not prone to technical faults and rarely show software failure. Since they are complex electronic machines which are the combination of hardware and software so like every other electronic device, they also need to be checked up, maintained, and updated. The professionals of PCTECH24 are certified and experienced are well versed with the skills to repair your devices and cure their issues.

Our experts can solve all of your Acer computer problems and optimize it for maximum performance. Our services are reasonable and efficient and at PCTECH24, you can access services offered by a host of highly qualified and experienced experts. Our onboard engineer can help in any scenario, if your system has stopped working or showing any problem. We are here for all, for office users or home user, who can’t handle their PC issues by themselves. Connect to us to solve your problems and save your machine, time and money. We are here to help you 24/7/365 days a year. You can reach to us by just giving us a call on our contact number.

Our Scope of Services Include:

  • Support for installing drivers for new machines
  • Slow speed of machine
  • Protection of PC against online threats
  • How to install or uninstall programs
  • Support to boot your system
  • Diagnosis the cause of problems and repair of that
  • Update drivers and security software
  • Troubleshooting of software faults
  • Blue Screen Errors or system freezing errors
  • OS upgrade/updates
  • Faults in Motherboard
  • Support to configure Internet, devices, drivers
  • How to Configure peripherals for the system
  • Support for printer and peripherals for your Acer systems
  • Fixing hardware/software issues
  • Hard drive and RAM failure
  • Optimize the performance and speed of the system
  • Compatibility verification of software programs as per machine configuration
  • Support for solving the issue of device not able to read discs
  • PC overheating

PCTECH24 is a one stop solution for all of your computer problems which is the most concerned pain of your routine life, regardless of the fact in which profession you are. Our experts listen to you and find out the main cause of problem to take the corrective actions. We can solve all of your Acer based issues, whether it’s about set-up, Install, upgrade, and customize software on your system. Our engineers can provide you solution for start-up, shutdown, memory management, partition planning, and registry conflicts. We offer significant tech services as we understand that tech errors will continue to evolve because of the involvement of sophisticated technologies. So we have spanned our support across the overall maintenance and repair of your machines.

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