With Aid of Trend Micro Support Experts, Prevent Office 365 Credential Theft

Almost all of us know that so far, the email appears as the first way hackers use to steal the credentials of organizations and individuals. Some reports by Trend Micro Tech Support experts displays that near about 83% of the 20.4 billion threats blocked by Trend Micro in the first six months of 2018 were because of emails. Moreover, as Office 365 turning popular day by day, its sign-in page progressively displays the front face in the fight against cyber-attacks aiming to hijack users’ email accounts.  

Trend Micro Tech Support

What has been done to prevent attacks through emails?    

Considering that the attacks because of hijacking the email accounts cover over 44% of the total enterprise outbreaks, Trend Micro Antivirus Support mavens have taken some steps. They asked and aid the manufacturers to develop a new protection layer that can add to their email security software. The layers like good computer vision & AI to stop cyber-attacks in real-time. Now, let have a clear and complete idea: 

Why the email accounts are so highly preferred by attackers? Because these are the sources that represent the online links of employee. Just with the vital log-ins to an account, the hackers can access all the sensitive information present in that inbox or worst – use that account to enter into other systems of the company/ network. Accessing an account and using it for sending the convincing phishing emails to the employee’s colleagues, boss, or other can be very harmful to both – the employee and the receiver. Moreover, with the increasing fame of Office 365, cybercriminals have started thinking these log-ins as their prime target. Typically, the phishing emails include some attractive offers or warning messages in order to convince the users to click the links. And, the false Office 365 log-in site to which the user reaches appear really convincing. Worst –the form appears just like the real one and sometimes, the site includes valid SSL along with legitimate domain, thus making it near to impossible to spot by the users’ eye.            

Computer Vision & AI for Detecting the Fakes

Being aware of the fact that a huge percentage of threats is posed by fake emails, Trend Micro supports the offering of multi-layered protection from malevolent sites. This time, the brand introduced security tool incorporates computer vision with AI technology to ‘detect’ fake websites. Trend Micro Cloud App Security provides an additional layer of protection to Office 365. The advanced computer vision technology aid in suspecting the phishing emails based on the sender, content, & URL. Last month, near about 33,000 Office 365 credential phishing emails has been detected by the combination of Computer Vision & AI technology.

Detecting Email Account Attacks

Trend Micro Cloud App Security is effective in detecting even the other ways that compromise email accounts. Ways like malware presence on the device, arriving of malware with an attachment, or more. The security can analyze if the victim account begins sending false emails internally or externally within the company by analyzing the URLs, contents, & attachments for the maliciousness. Don’t worry about the flow of your work. As the combination of computer vision and AI continue with its duty in the backend, there’ll be no interruption in the onscreen processes.

So, this is the complete info about ‘how the added layers in Trend Micro Security prevent Office 365 Credential Theft’. For more details or help in serving your security with the added layer of defense, contact Trend Micro Support professionals.              

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