Which type of Antivirus to choose “Free”,” Premium”, or” Default”?

When the point of security comes regarding computer and personal data, best protection needs to be availed. But multiple choices of security can be confusing. Is free security software as good as a paid security software? Is the default Antivirus application that came with PC as good as a paid version? Trend Micro Support will explain.

Free Version

Free antivirus can be extremely reliable. Actually, it regularly outclasses paid versions in third-party tests. It is because the companies that provide free version take security seriously. And choose free antivirus, such as Trend Micro, integrate the same antivirus definition across all computer safety products. In short, whether you’re using a free or premium version, you get the same protection.

Trend Micro Technical Support

We regularly send Trend Micro Free Version for testing by independent labs. In recent findings, Trend Micro got maximum score in Product Review and Documentation Report. This shows that Trend Micro users get 100% safety against virus attacks and 99.80% against malware. Trend Micro Technical Support provides complete assistance to the Free Version users also.

Premium Version

So, what is the additional thing you get for paying? Premium versions of antivirus have extra features that free versions don’t consist of. Premium version is for those who are looking for full coverage. As the technology grows, threats regularly emerge, and a premium version handles those threats.

The premium version includes features like firewall, anti-spam, deep scan, Secure DNS and data shredder. All these features prevent attackers from targeting your PC’s. A number of security risks are habitual, like ignoring strong password, which makes the accounts vulnerable. Most user select premium version, as paying money gives them peace of mind that they have purchased from a recognized company.


Default security comes when you purchase an operating system. Let us discuss Windows Operating System. Windows Defender is default security and a reliable one that is easily available. The drawback of default software is that it’s designed by Microsoft, known for developing other types of software application. Defender was launched in the year 2006, and integrated antivirus protection during the launch of Windows 8. The issue with it is, the results of third-party tests that are not satisfactory at all.

Another disadvantage of its usage is the impact of its on the system performance. Nobody wants to use an application that use access of PC’s resources and slows down the machine. The default software in Windows heavily affects performance, compared to the free or premium brands of security software.

Windows Operating System also urges users to uninstall their antivirus to use Windows Defender in its place. So be alert of the guidelines you may be receiving from your operating system on security. You may be installing a weaker protection for yourself.

The final decision is up to you only, which kind of antivirus you like to install on your device, and the best thing suggested by Trend Micro Antivirus Support is to do a bit of research before the final decision. You should:

⇒ Verify the antivirus scores in test results. Check results of independent labs like AV-Test and AV Comparatives.

⇒ Go through the features provided and included in the product.

⇒ Compare prices to see the best budget antivirus.

⇒ After Sale Service offered or not.

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