Learn to Shape Your Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall v17 with our Technical Support

Amongst a long list of the excellent antivirus programs, Sophos Antivirus solutions are revered as one of the powerful security software programs that has ability to protect its customer from virus attacks and theft of documents, photos, etc., from their technical devices. Sophos antivirus is widely appreciated by the support experts as well as customers to safeguard data and device against even the ransomware type dangerous threats.

Recently, Sophos Antivirus has provided the world with advance features in order to achieve its goal of offering a safe technical & digital environment to its customers. The highly expected public beta for Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall v17 is now revealed – be part of the testing with our Sophos Antivirus Technical Support experts and have your views.

Sophos Antivirus Support

Sophos Antivirus Support

The whole point of antivirus security software is to provide its customers complete online protection. With the advancing technical devices and online facilities, people have also welcomed (unknowingly) millions of malware, lurking in every corner of the internet.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop using the technical devices like smartphones, computers, etc., as they have become the important part of our life. We depend on these technical devices for almost 80 % of our day to day tasks. What we should stop is, the nefarious malware entering into our system. We are non-tech savvy, then how could we stop them? The only way to stop the threats from getting into our technical devices is the installation of an appropriate antivirus software. An antivirus security software has the ability to remove the viruses & malware from the technical and computing devices. Therefore, an efficient antivirus is highly required by the customers to defeat the threats (regardless online or offline) emerging parallel to technology.


Key Protection Areas Provided by Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall

After examining this utility of Sophos Antivirus, the technical customer support experts found that it is able to provide key protection from threats, in areas like IPS, web protection, application security and advanced threat protection. Sophos Antivirus also supports endpoint communication and information exchange on its customer’s technical device. The antivirus also supports features like technically identifying suspicious files & risky users.

The advance Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall v17 is loaded with lots of new features & enhancements. It is estimated to be one of the most exciting antivirus product releases by Sophos. So, come and be the part of beta testing by the help of our Sophos Antivirus technical customer support experts.

What’s new?

Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall v17 provides innovative technology, including a revolution in network visibility; ‘Synchronized App Control’. This feature of Sophos antivirus automatically identifies, classifies & controls custom, evasive as well as generic network applications that at present are going unidentified. This advancement also greatly streamlines configuration & daily basis management in key areas by offering more powerful technical & security tools that are instinctive and easy to use for Firewall, NAT, IPS, Web and VPN.

Sophos Antivirus Security and Control

Synchronized App Control – it supports a break-through in network visibility that takes application control to a new level

Web Keyword MonitoringSupports dynamic content control and improved online child safety in education

IPS and App Control UI enhancementsSupport enabling the smart technical filters as well as making custom policies easier to build and maintain

Sophos Antivirus Management and Trouble-shooting

Firewall management enhancementssupport management of large firewall rule sets more straightforwardly

Policy Test SimulatorSupport simple validation & troubleshooting of firewall rules as well as policy settings

VPN Setup ImprovementsSupport easier configuration, setup and management of site-to-site VPN connections

Sophos Antivirus Networking Protection

IKEv2 VPN support – provide better IPsec VPN interoperability with other technical devices

Wildcard FQDN support – it offers fully qualified domain objects that holds more powerful and predefined cloud services

NAT rule enhancements – offer fully object based technical security means support more powerful rules that can bundle multiple ports & services in a single rule

These advancement of Sophos Antivirus provide best in security to the technical devices of its customers. Want to know more? Then call on Sophos Antivirus technical customer support phone number0-800-368-7760 and contact the customer support experts of PCTECH24. They will provide you with all the information that you want about Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall v17.

Sophos Antivirus Customer Support

The technical support experts of PCTECH24 can also assist the customer, if they want to install, renew, configure, and activate the antivirus security on their systems. The customers just have to call us on our toll-free Sophos Antivirus technical customer support phone number or contact our technical customer support experts via the live chat support service of PCTECH24.   

Though Sophos Antivirus has offered these best in security features, still the irregularity & software related technical errors can be a big trouble. But if the antivirus software even faces technical issues then who will protect the computers against online threats. Hence, to resolve the issue one need help of the certified and experienced technicians that can offer effectual customer services. If the customer is facing any technical issues with their Sophos security can connect with PCTECH24 professionals and get the genuine Sophos Antivirus Technical Customer Support. Anyone who wants our Sophos customer services can dial our Sophos Antivirus Technical Customer Support Phone Number – 0-800-368-7760 & connect with our technicians who will support you to fix the issue immediately. We at PCTECH24 are backed by the technical customer support team of skilled and certified experts, who guarantees to render the excellent resolutions in the minimum possible time. Our Sophos technical customer support team is available 24×7 to help you with the prompt resolutions.

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