How to handle Webroot Antivirus Installation Issue?

In today’s digital era, where technical devices play an important part in undertaking the tasks of their users, the Webroot Antivirus performs a major role in protecting these machines against the rapidly achieving threats. On the other hand, due to being fruitful with so many advance features, the Webroot Antivirus itself can create a disturbing situation for the users by either showing some technical errors or stop functioning suddenly. Whatever be the case, the best idea to get rid of such issues is to contact the trusted Webroot Support professionals.

Webroot Phone Number

Webroot Phone Number

Alternatively, rather than taking the help from expert professionals, sometimes the users want to handle the issue on their own. We appreciate those customers also and therefore have provided this article, which incorporates guidance that will help the users to handle and fix the common ‘Webroot Antivirus Installation Issues’.

Below a detailed description of this installation along with its solution has been provided, the troubleshooting steps have been delivered under the supervision of expert Webroot Technical Support engineer. So the users can follow them without any hesitation or doubt about their effectiveness.     

Technical Issue: The Webroot Antivirus Installation Process Cannot Complete Successfully.

Time of Issue Occurrence: This is one of the most common errors reported by a number of Antivirus users on daily basis. It most probably appears when the user is trying to install the security software or when the one is configuring its settings (while usage) after installation.

Reasons behind the Issue: There are a lot of causes that make the users face this issue. In some cases, it is due to the confliction between the security program and the operating system software. On the other side, it can also appear if there are problems related to computer requirements or configuration.

The Solution for the Issue: There are two methods for the solution of this problem. First: A reliable and long-term experienced Webroot Technical Support Phone Number0-888-368-7760 team can assist the users to fix the problem instantly. The technicians can even resolve the problem from their side by taking the remote access to users’ device. Second: The users can follow the efficient instructions provided below. The users are recommended to execute the steps carefully.

Instructions for Resolution of the Installation Issues

  • Prior to anything, the users should make sure that the operating system running on their computer is the updated one. They can ensure it by clicking on ‘Start’ menu and then reaching & clicking on the Windows Update option
  • There, they have to check whether their computer is having the latest OS service pack along with all the essential updates, or not. In case of unable to check, the users can consult the Webroot Technical Support team to get the updated information.
  • Now, they can start with downloading the Webroot Pre- Install tool followed by saving it on their devices’ desktop.
  • After that, they should double click on the file named as Pre-Install_tool.exe and then proceed with the instructions appearing on the screen.
  • They should carefully read the terms and conditions provided in the license agreement and then click ‘Agree’ to proceed further.
  • After the successful installation of the Pre-Install tool, the users should restart their computer.
  • Now the system is ready to install and use the Webroot Antivirus on it.

If the issue still persists, then the users are highly advised to contact our Webroot Antivirus Customer Support Number engineers for further assistance.

Additional Tips for Our Clients: Many Webroot security product users have the complaint that (even after successful installation) the Real-Time Scanning process has turned off suddenly.

This is the process where the antivirus scans the entire device for detection and removal of threats. But according to customers, they usually get a pop-up incorporating a warning message ‘Real-Time Scanning Turned off & Your Computer Is in Danger’.

Instructions to Fix this Scanning Issue

The steps that the users have to proceed with in order to fix the Real-Time scanning issue are given below:

  • First of all, they need to open their Webroot security product.
  • Now they have to Click Navigation.
  • Here, they should Turn ON the Real-time scanning.
  • They are required to opt the Navigation option once again.
  • Now turn on the Firewall.
  • The users should reach the Main Product Window and ensure that both the Real-Time scanning as well as the Firewall is turned on.
  • Restart the computer in order to successfully apply the fix.
  • If the problem is not get solved by all this, then head over for the technical assistance.

So, the article has provided our readers with an advantageous information holding fixation of not only the installation issue but also the Real-Time Scanning Turn Off problem. If the users are still in need of any kind of help service, they can consult our experts without any hesitation. Our Webroot Support Number is 0-888-368-7760.


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