How to Fix the ‘Forgot My iPhone’s Password’ Issue?

Today, the AVG Tech Support experts have come up with a useful blog on ‘what to do if you as an iPhone user forget your phone’s password’. If you are thinking ‘why these professionals are interested in helping the users in this regard?’, let’s clear your thoughts. Actually, a number of people who forget their passwords claim that the IT experts are responsible for their worries. This is because they are those who suggest people to use the present gadgets after setting up a password. But, the knowledgeable experts are not at all wrong. In today’s malicious world, using your iPhone or any other device without a password can serve your essential data to the cybercriminals.

Avg Technical Support
Thinking it their responsibility to aid you in fixing ‘forgot the iPhone’s password’ issue, AVG Antivirus Support professionals arrive with a helpful guide. iPhone password feature is a vital method to keep the prying eyes away from your personal data. But, forgetting your passcode and entering the wrong PIN six times can disable your iPhone. Received a message showing your iPhone has been disabled? Well! Don’t worry. Following the below steps will help you in regaining access to your phone.


As per the highly-skilled AVG Technical Support mavens- This problem can be fixed in only one way & there is hardly anyone who may like it. The tactic includes the opening of your iPhone lock by rubbing out all the data (vital or usual) on it. However, you can get your data back by restoring it from the backup (if you have). Erasing the whole data from your gadget will erase the forgotten password, thus, letting you set up a new one. Undoubtedly, this appears weird but from the security perspective, it really makes sense. For example – if someone steals your iPhone, it wouldn’t be easy for her/ him to access your data by bypassing the password.

Of course, erasing all the data seem a problem but if you have a backup of your important data, then the issue will not be a major one. Hence, you are always recommended to develop a habit of keeping the backup of your data.

Options for Resolving the ‘Forgotten iPhone Password’ Issue

So, let’s start with the AVG Customer Support experts’ guide on 3 ways to remove the forgotten password of your iPhone by erasing all the data.

iTunes: If you are having physical contact to your iPhone, then iTunes can be the modest option for this practice. Sync it with a PC on regular basis.

iCloud: If the Find My iPhone option on your device is enabled, then iCloud can be used to erase it.

Recovery Mode: If you have never synchronized your iPhone with iCloud or iTunes, then this will be the only option you can choose. In this case, you possibly won’t have the data of your phone backed up & will lose it. Yes, this way is painful as you’ll not be able to get the data but feel glad as you can use your iPhone once again.

The Bottom Line: Like every other thing, the iPhone’s password feature also has two sides. It is best for protection but worst if you forget the password. But from now, don’t let a forgotten password prevent you from using your iPhone in the future. Follow the guide by AVG Tech Support experts and enjoy using your phone once again. Ensure setting up a password which is easier for you but not as easy that the cybercriminals can also guess.

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